Scale with surge events

Absorb Surges with ease

We've re-invented the approach to this peril so both you and your policyholders can relax during surge events. Outsoucing your subsidence claims handling to us and utilitising our on-demand workforce, insurers suffer no loss in performance, speed or customer satisfaction during peak months.

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Our digital technology

Our digital technology

Innovation, technology and service are at the heart of our culture, and utilising our multi-award-winning digital claims platform, 360SiteView, provides unrivalled scalability and service to insurers and their policyholders alike. Found out more here.

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subsidence service

Service is at our core

The key people behind our proposition, with over 250 years of experience between them, have been responsible for driving the best results in the industry over the last decade. You need the right people to make the right decisions, and we have them ready to help you and your customers.

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Outsourcing subsidence claims handling 360Globalnet - here's how it works

We understand the challenges insurers face with subsidence claims, and our model is what you've been looking for.

digital subsidence claims management tech-2
digital subsidence claims management tech-2

Digitising subsidence claims

Control costs and boost customer satisfaction.

We've reinvented how subsidence claims are managed to deliver the first end-to-end fully-digital subsidence claims process in the UK.


  • Digitising the whole claims process so all participants of a claim are linked together around one common platform and record;

  • Improved response, reduced aggravation and anxiety for customers;

  • Reduced claim lifecycles by removing delays, inefficiencies and introducing new non-invasive methods of investigation;

  • Increase the efficiency of engineering resource, enabling faster response times and availability to discuss with policyholders when required;

  • Delivering an average cost of claim very much better than market averages;

  • Enabling quick decision making by key engineers that are then acted upon by our highly skilled claims management team.

In the surge of 2018 we achieved 100% compliance to normal year SLAs let alone relaxed surge year SLA’s, in contrast to many other providers who struggled with service levels.


Our Clients and their Customers enjoy


  • A fast, intuitive online digital reporting platform to provide all the key information needed to identify subsidence damage and to accurately diagnose the proximate cause;

  • Virtual soils reporting where the profile of the soil type is known without the necessity to dig trial pits and boreholes;

  • Comprehensive video surveys and the ability to live stream this media to engineering or specialist resource;

  • Scheduling and pricing of repairs within days of notification to providing  accurate reserve information and;

  • Close visual monitoring of the repair process itself in ways that have not been possible previously and to quality assure outcome and customer satisfaction

We have managed to attract highly skilled and regarded staff due to our innovative model and careful selection process.


We have leveraged the benefits of a more efficient process by reinvesting the savings back into our high-quality team, both at the senior technicians’ level and top quality engineering expertise. This is so important because getting it right mitigates the cost, reduces the lifecycle and improves customer satisfaction.


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Subsidence claims management

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Subsidence claims management
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"May I thank you and your team for an excellent customer experience throughout this project."

"My thanks again to you and your colleagues at Globalnet throughout the process and please pass my thanks also to CPS Construction for their first class work and professional, friendly manner."

Claimant experiences with 360Globalnet

"It pays to get good insurance! I only wish other service industries had the same ethic!"

"You have been polite and understanding in your dealing with us. The whole process was made quick and simple - exactly what is required in such claims."

Claimant experiences with 360Globalnet

"Thank you for finding the time to visit me yesterday and for explaining the next stage of, and the overall approach to, addressing the subsidence issues at my property. I felt very reassured about what is going to be done and your pragmatism about how to address all of the various problems gave me enormous confidence."


"Many thanks for your fast response and for your care, attention and expertise."

"Eric and I just wanted to say thank you for carrying out such a thorough inspection andproducing such a fair report."


FSQS registered

360Globalnet is fully certified and FSQS registered


Paul Stanley, 360Globalnet CEO, winner of Lifetime Achievement Award 2015

Claims Innovation Awards

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