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Transform the way you manage subsidence claims.

Innovation, technology and service are at the heart of our culture, all of which have led us to completely transform the way subsidence claims – along with all the associated challenges – are managed.


Our award-winning digital claims platform, 360Globalnet, provides unrivalled scalability and agility to cope with the significant surges in claims associated with subsidence. Our fully digital process not only boosts the customer experience through more accurate triage and decision making, but also through having a dedicated Engineer and Claims Handler throughout the entire claim process.


Furthermore, our remote site visit technology, enables a reduction in property visits resulting in increased convenience, progression and reduced disruption for policyholders.


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We also have access to soils data covering the entire UK resulting in a virtual soils report to be instantly available as soon as a claim is registered. This exclusive data enables a more accurate diagnosis, teamed with reduced, more tailored investigations leading to quicker resolution of claims, at a lower cost.


360Globalnet also own The Drainage Repair Company which enables all Site Investigation, drainage CCTV surveys and drainage repairs to be completed using the same digital technology. Their model also offers immediate scalability – that all our clients benefit from - allowing surges to be accommodated with ease, banishing the usual delays that are so commonly experienced at this stage of a claim.


For more information on The Drainage Repair Company, go to this page. [link to new internal DRC page]

subsidence claims technology
subsidence technoloy digital claims technology-1
subsidence technoloy digital claims technology-1

Let our technology do the talking and give you a hand

Looking back, 2018 was a great year. It was hot and we were all blissfully unaware of the impending pandemic that would soon be hitting. But for insurers, the hot weather caused a 400% surge in subsidence claims which was estimated to have cost over £100m in damage.


This stormy nightmare resulted in insurers agreeing relaxed service levels with their clients – conversely, clients of 360Globalnet were absorbing the surge without seeing any drop in service.


Here are the measurements during the surge in 2018:


  • Through our bespoke technology enablement in the triage process for Insurers, 20% of all subsidence notified events are avoided, relieving customer anxiety and improving satisfaction.
  • 98% compliance to customer contacts SLA’s.
  • 98% of site visits undertaken within 10 days of receipt (and in most cases within 5)
  • 97% compliance to Insurer reporting requirements (with an average of under 6 days).
  • 90% of claims utilising our on-demand With You in 5 model significantly enhancing the customer experience
  • Zero complaints
  • NPS scores into the mid-eighties

We believe our results speak for themselves. Where many in the industry struggled to meet the relaxed service levels at broadly 70%, we are proud to be able to consistently demonstrate our results.


This is achieved using our award-winning no-code digital claims technology, an exceptional highly experienced team and a flexible but immediately scalable business model.


If you'd like to know more about how we can help with your subsidence claims management, we'd be delighted to hear from you.


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