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What you can achieve with us:


A comprehensive digital platform for customer self-service and automated claim settlement. Suppliers are linked via a single digital record containing text, video, images and more.

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An advanced data analysis platform for structured and unstructured data, with unique built in anti-fraud capability.

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Powered by our digital technology, our service offerings include crowdsourced investigation, digital drainage, subsidence investigation and repair, and EOW, flood and fire claims services.

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Making the claims process simpler, faster and more fraud resistant

96% of insurance customers prefer self-service digital claims processing.

Microsoft Report 2015

We provide cloud-based solutions that offer insurance policyholders a claim experience they control via the Internet. Easy set-up and pay-as-you-go running costs mean you can enable this service to your customers in a matter of days.

Data Collection

360SiteView makes it simple for the customer to upload images, text, video and voice files, with further solutions available to manage more challenging incidents. Our system can read, store and manage any form of data from any device.

Data Management

360Retrieve manages structured and unstructured data. Powerful search tools recognise even low-quality or fragmented data. A single data record eliminates error and replication and everything is stored securely in the cloud. All records and calendar entries are updated in real-time.

Claims Services

360ClaimsServices is an agile network of trusted assessors, investigators and repairers, who utilise our digital technology to provide innovative propositions for drainage, escape of water, subsidence, fire or flood investigations and services. Our blend of digital innovation and expert professionals makes 360Globalnet unique.


"We wanted to help our clients spot and connect with the best-in-class InsurTechs. Members of the Impact 25 are a highly curated group of businesses we think are well placed to have a material impact on our clients’ business in 2018.”

Chris Sandilands, Oxbow Partner
Oxbow Partners InsurTech Impact 25 Forum

“Since launching the platform we’ve experienced high levels of customer engagement and satisfaction which is fantastic. Over the course of the year we’ll be looking at other ways we can exploit this technology to help our customers.”

Head of Claims Strategy and Customer Experience, Allianz Insurance

“Putting the insurers’ customers in control of their own claims, while delivering an engaging user experience, improves customer satisfaction and retention rates. By leveraging data analytics for enhanced fraud detection and forward-looking market and customer information, we also help insurers reduce costs and make better-informed business decisions.”

Vice President and General Manager, DXC’s Global Insurance Industry

By handing the control for the claims process to the customer and all participants in the claim, 360Globalnet tick several boxes. First, they empower the customer and put them in control of the process. Second, they remove the friction between all parties in the supply chain (and get the job done quicker). And third, they reduce the cost of claims management for the insurer.

Editor on InsurTech, The Digital Insurer

“We were astounded that your digital agents were able to attend when some of our neighbours have been told their insurers won't visit for many weeks yet to deal with their claim.”

Western Isles, Scotland

360Globalnet, 2018 UK IT Industry Awards Finalist

UK IT Awards Finalist 2018

Insurance Times Awards Winner 2017

Excellence in Claims Technology

Claims Technology Partner of the Year 2017

The Claims Awards

Paul Stanley, 360Globalnet CEO, winner of Lifetime Achievement Award 2015

Claims Innovation Awards

Claims Tech Initiative of the Year 2015 winner in connection with DirectLine Group

Judge's comments: "This submission stood out as being genuinely innovative"

Insurers around the world have processed over 3.5 million claims using 360Globalnet technology

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