In a BLINK of an eye, the world changed.

Customers demand digital engagement from insurers, and retail giants such as Amazon have set the standard along with their expectations. Our multi-award-winning no-code digital claims platform is enabling leading global insurers to catch up.


Digital customer experience

Customers are quickly becoming digital natives. Their expectations are being set by leading retailers offering next day delivery and automated update notifications at every step of the journey. Covid has been the catalyst for insurers to play catch up otherwise they risk falling behind competitors embracing change.

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Efficiency and automation

Our award-winning no-code platform enables insurers to orchastrate and automate the entire claims process from FNOL to settlement. No-touch claims is driving down costs leaving claims handlers to focus on the more complex claims, providing empathy in their claimant's time of need.

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Agility and flexibility in no-code

Gone are the days of costly and slow IT implementations. Our no-code platform hands the power back to the business practitioners, unlocking the door to innovation and itteration. Changes can be made, tested and deployed in minutes, hours and days, not months and years, enabling insurers to pivot and react with extreme speed.

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