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Digitising subsidence claims for hassle-free surge management.

One, if not the most concerning periods for an insurer would be how to cope through a surge in claims. For subsidence this usually results in increased interest and discussions over soil moisture levels as they creep up to their peak during the summer months.


The long dry summer of 2018 added a cost of hundreds of millions of pounds to property insurers and the UK economy has footed the bill over the last decade, making subsidence the most damaging geo-hazard in Britain today.


With an increasingly warming climate the industry braces itself for what lies ahead. Will the frequency of subsidence claims of up to a 400% increase (as experienced in 2018), start to become the new norm? From this perspective the industry is continually exploring strategies by which it may more effectively manage the way subsidence claims are handled.


We've reinvented how subsidence claims are managed to deliver the first end-to-end fully digital subsidence claims process in the UK, all with full scalability.

In bringing our subsidence service to the market we have invested heavily in designing a new approach to the peril, involving and employing experts from within and outside the sector to consider new methods to investigate and remedy subsidence claims with a core focus upon the enablement of our award-winning technology, 360SiteView.


Our digital subsidence claims management service transforms the way insurers manage this peril by linking customers, insurers, technical experts and fulfilment providers seamlessly and with complete transparency. This is strengthened further by our on-demand workforce, With You in 5 (WYi5). We have expertly trained professionals distributed throughout the UK providing a workforce model that offers an immediate response in support of our service proposition.


With you in 5 enables insurers to visit customers when they're available and capture the information required to validate and settle their claim. This distributed workforce, combined with our technology, is the key to providing scalability and cost efficiency when managing surge events. They are a fluid extension of your team, able to expand and contract whenever you need.


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digital subsidence claims management-1

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