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360Globalnet digital claims in 360 words:

Digital technology has transformed the way we live and work. We run our lives and business from smartphones which didn’t exist in 2006, iPads first launched in 2010 and Whatsapp was in its infancy only 9 years ago.


At 360globalnet, our response to fast-paced change has been to digitise the entire claims process. Irrespective of business type, we provide the worldwide Insurance Industry the agility and functionality to deliver the hassle-free and convenient experience customers have come to expect from the best online retailers, whilst simultaneously reducing operational costs and providing new tools to control the claims spend.


A transformational feature of our multi-award-winning digital claims technology, 360SiteView, is its no-code architecture where workflows and processes are built at the desktop without coding knowledge. You build enterprise-strength systems rapidly and reliably, negating the cost and delays associated with traditional IT development.


Out of the box, 360SiteView automates and orchestrates all parties to a claim including agents/brokers, customers, third parties supply-chain etc. It manages any media type including video/imagery and documentation with embedded live streaming functionality to virtualise interactions with anyone in the claims process. Further, it does this across Property and Casualty Accident/Health, Life; any geography, and operates either as an ultra-modern core system or a digital wrap-around to reinvigorate legacy systems with the digital capabilities they may lack.


When our unstructured data technology, 360Retrieve, is selected as part of an implementation, it surfaces the 80% of claims data locked-up in documents, forms, free-text and email, and turns it into analysable data for advanced fraud detection, detailed understanding and management of bodily injury and third-party claims. The technology machine-reads text and identifies actions required either by humans (i.e. potential fraud) or automatically drives workflow.


360SiteView’s extensive capability empowers new products/services through innovation. As such, we have developed innovative applications to drive gig-economy services for clients, control large and complex property claims, and micro-manage external networks of contractors and seamlessly link them to customers in our services operation, 360ClaimsServices.


With 360Globalnet, you gain unprecedented control of your claims and deliver the experience your customers want with the technology you need to thrive going forward. Get in touch today for more information.



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what do we do-2

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