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digital subsidence claims management

Digitising subsidence claims could reduce costs by a third...

We've reinvented how subsidence claims are managed to deliver the first end-to-end fully-digital subsidence claims process in the UK.
  • Digitising the whole claims process so all participants of a claim are linked together around one common platform and record;
  • Improved response, reduced aggravation and anxiety for customers;
  • Reduced claim lifecycles by removing delays, inefficiencies and introducing new non-invasive methods of investigation;
  • Avoiding the need for expensive engineering resource on non-productive time - less travel, less administration and reporting in favour of using their expertise;
  • Delivering an average cost of claim very much better than market averages and;
  • enabling quick decision making by key engineers that are then acted upon by our highly skilled claims management team.

In the surge of 2018 we achieved 100% compliance to normal year SLAs let alone relaxed surge year SLA’s, in contrast to many other providers who struggled with service levels.


Our Clients and their Customers enjoy


  • a fast, intuitive online digital reporting platform to provide all the key information needed to identify if there is genuine subsidence damage;
  • virtual soils reporting where the profile of the soil type is known without the necessity to dig trial pits and boreholes;
  • comprehensive video surveys and the ability to live stream this media to engineering or specialist resource;
  • scheduling and pricing of repairs within days of notification to providing  accurate reserve information and;
  • close visual monitoring of the repair process itself in ways that have not been possible previously and to quality assure outcome and customer satisfaction

We have managed to retain a highly skilled and carefully selected pool of staff attracted by our innovative model.


We have leveraged the benefits of a more efficient process by reinvesting the savings back into our high-quality team, both at the senior technicians’ level and top quality engineering expertise. This is so important because getting it right mitigates the cost, reduces the lifecycle and improves customer satisfaction.

digital subsidence claims management
digital subsidence claims process platform
digital subsidence claims process platform

The best people using the best technology

360Globalnet's claim services are leading the market. We are cutting out needless process, delighting customers and collapsing costs. Our approach, combining the best expertise with the best technology, is a winning formula.


  • we operate a digital business that disrupts traditional models, (much as an Uber or Lyft might);
  • the same 360Globalnet digital claims platform, that is deployed by five of the top UK insurers, powers our subsidence operation and;
  • we have a wholly owned and equally digitally enabled Drainage Company providing Site Investigation, Soils, Drainage investigation and Repair.

The Best technology, best people, and all service components in one unified digitally enabled business model.

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