access unstructured data and detect fraud

Comprehensive data analysis for improved fraud detection and business intelligence

360Retrieve is our web-based data management and business intelligence solution. All types of documents become fully searchable and open to analysis. Our unique data analytics provides deep insight into claims trends and patterns to identify and combat fraud.

  • Access 100% of structured and unstructured data
    360Retrieve gives you access to every piece of data you hold without limitation, whether structured or unstructured: emails, images, PDFs, web content, social media etc.
  • Reduce fraud
    360Retrieve combats and reduces fraud, in some cases by up to 40%. False positive personal injury cases are reduced, with many more red-flag personal injury claims identified. One client uncovered 27 organised fraud rings inside three months.
  • GDPR
    360Retrieve enables Subject Access Request (SAR) by allowing fast response through incorporation of internal and external data sources, whether structured or unstructured.
  • Secure solution that improves data security
    Our triple redundant cloud service is secure, scalable and meets compliance objectives. 360Retrieve makes your processes more efficient by allowing you to access all your data.
access unstructured data and detect fraud
access 100% of your unstructured data
access 100% of your unstructured data

Access, visualise and analyse your data quickly and easily

360Retrieve provides sophisticated operational business and management information without the need for technical knowledge and without disrupting your existing systems.
  • Efficient data processing
    All common document formats, such as letters, CNFs and medical reports are turned into structured data. Data visualisations can be delivered in over 600 analytical formats, including link charts.
  • Pro-actively identify patterns and trends
    Visualise historical and emerging patterns and trends, allowing accurate assessment of future risk based on historic claims experience.
  • See improvements quickly
    The platform allows every area of your business access to relevant data and self-service analytical tools, improving efficiencies and effectiveness.
access unstructured insurance claims data

Efficient analysis for both user and operations

360Retrieve requires no technical knowledge and drives efficiencies across departments by offering multiple dashboard views and reporting options.
  • Multiple dashboard options available
    Hierarchical management information (MI) dashboards offer relevant views of claims experience for all levels of management.
  • Generate systematic and ad-hoc reports
    360Retrieve has been designed to be as flexible as possible. Develop and publish reports as you want to see them, whenever you need to.
  • Compatible with almost any database
    360Retrieve can connect and extract data from almost any type of database. You are able to access and use data whether it's held on internal or external sources.
access unstructured insurance claims data
Fraud detection

Boolean functionality makes search more accurate

unstructured insurance claims

100% of data becomes usable business intelligence

Fast response to SARs for GDPR

unstructured data analysis

Full data access allows pro-active pattern and trend spotting

improve decision making

MI dashboards options for operational efficiency

cut cost of fraud with improved visbility and detection

40% increase in fraud detection means lower indemnity

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