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What is 'the net group'?

We're delighted to announce the launching of the Net Group, Australia, a user group dedicated to business building, knowledge sharing and the spread of expertise.


The user group will be representatives from our Australian customer base of 360Globalnet, representing various geographical and insurance market sectors within Australia, and is chaired by AEI Group's Ximena Smith.


Together, we’ll be able to help each other improve the way our technology is used and identify new areas for development.


Here is how being a member will help you:

Shared experience
Share users’ experience and benefits of using 360Globalnet within different insurance sectors in order to drive greater operational efficiency and customer engagement.

Propose platform enhancements

Identify potential new platform enhancements for consideration that will further benefit existing – and new – clients


Introduce cost-sharing benefits for identified improvements by spreading development costs between multiple users. Everyone benefits but everyone pays less for those benefits!


Net group meetings will take place every other month for around two hours each time via Microsoft Teams.


Simply nominate a few members of your team to represent your business on the Net Group. You can submit your nominees here.


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