The Mansfield Awards are the elite insurance claims awards celebrated annually. These prestigious awards recognise excellence in claims service delivery by Australian Insurers.

The “Mansfields” (as they’re affectionately known!) focus on the vital role that claims professionals play in our industry in striving to achieve excellence as they service clients large and small. They are judged solely by performance and give all companies an annual benchmark and worthy recognition of achievement to aspire to.

This year, three out of the five award category recipients recognised by the Mansfields Awards for being at the top of their game, have gone on to further enhance their claims capability by incorporating 360Globalnet’s digital technologies within their claims service initiatives. Some utilising 360Globalnet’s technologies by incorporating the digital capability to enhance existing systems and some developing a completely unique capability for the future.

Whilst many within the Australian Insurance Industry are either implementing or contemplating digital claims service models, there is still a sense that such systems remain untested under the COVID-19 ‘new normal’ in Australia.

With another catastrophe season looming already after a rather arduous period in terms of claims and the COVID-19 limitations to contemplate, there is little doubt that greater challenges are ahead. These challenges in addition to the need for Insurers to clearly demonstrate compliance with the 2020 General Insurance Code of Practice just adding another layer of complexity for the industry to contemplate with a sense of urgency.

360Globalnet’s digital technologies have been developed over the last decade to enable clients in Australia - and around the world - to be better prepared to meet these challenges while further extending their own unique claims excellence credentials over their peers.

Yes, the market is awash with endless solutions to the challenges ahead, but if your digital strategy is not yet in implementation, or at least ready to be implemented, you may not be in any position to adequately confront a surge in claims over the coming months, where traditional methods such as drive-in assessment centres for motor and allocating interstate resources to large scale weather events may not be possible.

Furthermore a digital strategy isn’t simply about video streaming, it must focus on a wholistic/end to end approach to engineer-out all of the issues caused by inflexible and/or out-dated methods and systems.

360Globalnet’s digital technologies achieves this more strategic of outcomes by including all participants in a totally no-code environment where each individual business can design processes “on the fly” and as required to suit the unique challenges of each event.

Our solutions at 360globalnet have been developed and refined with some of the world’s leading insurers over the last decade. They can help you meet the extraordinary challenges ahead. Plus, our model means very low Capex and ultra-fast times to realise business case value.

If you’d like to hear more about how our technology can transform claims excellence and have you prepared for this year’s event season (and next year’s awards!) get in touch.

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