In the distant days before COVID, insurance companies were on a slow and steady journey in considering, evaluating, trialling, testing and then some more consideration on enhancing their claims proposition with a digital interaction with their customers.

The catastrophic fire and weather events of the 2019/20 summer followed by restrictions imposed to contain the spread of COVID19 was a jolt that brought out the best in some and bafflement in others. The voices of many diehards clung on to flying and driving to perform physical site inspections, or insisting that claimants attend an assessment centre, faded into the background as 2020 forced insurers to fastrack their inevitable destination to digital.

A desk-based, video enabled remote Site Visit is a prime example. Some insurers had experimented with video technology, but they were more the exception than the rule, limited to one off events or remote locations but certainly not as an integral part of a holistic claims and assessing strategy. But unforeseen forces driven by public health policies upended normal business requirements and customer expectations.

360Globalnet have been at the forefront of developing digitally enabled claims technology and anticipated the need for robust, large scale remote visit technology with D.A.V.E (Digitally Assisted Virtual Experience).

The customer’s smartphone quickly became the eyes and ears of a desk-based expert who could evaluate and determine the claim digitally without the potential risks of a physical interaction, and immediately confirmed most insurers’ suspicions that expensive and inefficient onsite visits were a relic of the past and no longer cost effective. Necessity enforced change epitomised!

Unlike pre COVID use of digital and video, this will not be a temporary measure. Insurers using D.A.V.E will incorporate digital within the claims process and are set to reap the rewards in the long term. In one move, crushing claims handling expenses and delighting customers with loss adjusters and assessors processing many more claims per day, slashing travel cost, and delays, (and playing a part in caring for our climate).

D.A.V.E. allows policyholders to follow a detailed guided process to provide the exact information and evidence that would otherwise have been obtained face-to-face. It allows real-time collaboration between insurers and customers without risks or inconvenience to either party.

So, the incremental journey to digital may have accelerating unexpectedly but insurers can now embrace the power of digital within day-to-day processing of claims and be fully prepared for any future unforeseen event.

If you would like to find out how simple and effective D.A.V.E is, contact us at 360Globalnet and we will show you how remote site technology can be implemented simply, quickly, and inexpensively.

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