Queensland based Insuret, Australia’s leading provider of insurance programs and claims management services to the Rental Car sector is enhancing its claims service model through digitisation of the claim handling processes.

Partnering with 360Globalnet, a leading supplier of insurance focussed digital products and services, Insuret has developed a digital claims platform to enable lodgement of claims direct from mobile devices and other digital sources, featuring the ability for customers to upload photos, videos and all evidence related to their claim.  

In line with rapid technological change, the rental car industry is going through a renaissance in the sharing economies with the growth of Peer to Peer, Rideshare and Subscription models in addition to traditional rental business. Insuret will be well positioned to remain the leader in this field through enabling these businesses to incorporate digital incident claims as the cornerstone of their offering to support the modern consumer.

Insuret’s digital claims platform will also enhance their Commercial Motor offering for intermediaries by linking the broker and their customer directly to the digital claims process.  This development will assist all stakeholders to expedite initial lodgement, information gathering, supplier engagement and authorisation of claims, resulting in improved outcomes for customers and provide transparency in the process.

Jason McDonnell, Insuret’s Managing Director commented: “I have been a specialist provider of insurance programs to the Rental Car industry for over 25 years. With consumers changing their attitude on vehicle ownership and mobility, new markets are rapidly developing in this space. Many of these new entrants have approached us due to our experience and expertise in Rental and by partnering with 360Globalnet, we will be positioned to deliver a full end to end, digitised claims solution in line with consumer expectations. 

This advancement will provide all stakeholders a streamlined claims process that creates efficiencies in expediting claims and delivering better outcomes. Throughout 2020 and beyond we will roll-out our digital claims proposition to our customers including supporting the intermediaries we partner with in Commercial Motor products”

Daniel Lukich, 360Globalnet’s Asia-Pac Business Development Director, states “We’re delighted to partner with Jason and the Insuret team in supporting their digital transformation in this rapidly changing market.

The combination of Jason’s experience in this sector, and our digital technology will enable state of the art digital claims platforms to transform the traditional Rental claim processes and meet the consumer demands of the new emerging Rental markets.”   

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About Insuret

  • Insuret is an underwriting agency that provides motor insurance products and services within the Rental and Commercial Vehicle sectors. Insuret has a unique understanding of the rental market and uses a PDS which is specifically designed to meet the needs of this industry. Insuret also has a financial interest in a motor assessing and claims administration company to enable a full end to end service to customers.
  • Insuret has been in operation since 2007 and is owned by McDonnell Enterprises (QLD) and The Hollard Insurance Company.
  • Insuret Australia delivers a wide range of services to customers including Insurance, risk management, claims management and self-insured schemes.

About 360Globalnet

  • 360Globalnet is a privately-owned UK-based business that specialises in the creation of disruptive digital technologies for the worldwide Insurance industry. Its technologies enable insurers to provide customer-driven service to match that of global online retailers.
  • The company was formed in 2010 by entrepreneurs with a proven track record of developing transformational technologies. The products and services 360Globalnet offer, are the culmination of a multi-million-dollar investment to realise a strategic digital vision of insurance, where online platform technology works alongside legacy systems, so insurers can ‘go digital’ immediately and cost-effectively.
  • 360Globalnet developed 360SiteView and a suite of digital products, so that insurers, intermediaries and suppliers can digitally manage their insurance claims consistently, the world over. To date, the company’s digital claims technology has processed 3 million insurance claims.
  • The digital platform can manage all media, including video and easy to configure tools offer a host of benefits; automated workflows, the deployment of AI linkups and a single digital record distributed throughout the supply chain, streamlining processes and curbing opportunistic fraud. A customer-driven approach, using customers’ mobile devices, enables businesses to ‘see every claim’ and, by extension, ‘see every risk’. The company’s technologies are used by some of the world’s leading insurance companies.


Insuret                 Jason McDonnell       Managing Director                                                +61 423 293 429
360Globalnet     Daniel Lukich             Business Development Director, Asia Pac       +61 448 923 929


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