Only 10% of business information and intelligence is entered into case management structured data systems.  360Retrieve and its unique ability to interrogate unstructured data gives you access to 100% of your business information and intelligence by turning your unstructured text into instantly searchable data. 

360Retrieve is an intelligent document management and information system that automatically indexes the entire contextual content of the files imported. Document retrieval is fast and simple and fuzzy search technology produces unparalleled results in finding exact and near matches. This overcomes typographical OCR and poor data quality issues.

Key features

  • Powerful Search Capability

    Powerful Search Capability

    • Boolean
    • Proximity
    • Fuzzy matches and phrases
    • Related terms with custom thesaurus
    • Date aliases
    • Meta data searches

  • Intelligent Hit Lists

    Intelligent Hit Lists

    • Documents are scored and marked up
    • Fragments highlight the context

  • Hot folder import of any image and electronic file

    Hot folder import of any image and electronic file

    • Any image and electronic file
    • Emails and their attachments indexed in full
    • XML files of key value pairs can be imported
    • OCR and index 7000 A4 pages per minute
    • Optional Form reading capability

  • Cloud based subscription

    Cloud based subscription

    • Document storage and portal is managed safely in the AWS cloud

    • Triple redundant server service insuring high availability and scalability


Thousands of hours are lost searching for information if it is not effectively organised. 360Retrieve maximises the effort of your work force reducing the time wasted. Simple processes make it easy for company information to be indexed, stored and found in seconds.

Lower running costs can be achieved over traditional systems and there is a better return on your investment.

360Retrieve is used in the following areas:
Secure repository, Regulatory affairs, Compliance, Research, ISO QA, Financial control, Freedom of Information, Legacy archiving, Copyright protection, Investigation, M&E documentation, H&S files and many more!


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