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THE Run-off Insurance Data profiling Tool

360Globalnet offers specialist claims and data profiling capabilities through its 360Retrieve platform. These are of specific value to companies buying, analysing or managing books of Run-Off insurance cover.


We help companies gain detailed run-off claims data profiling and analysis by ingesting 100% of the unstructured and semi-structured data that may be hidden in the Data Lakes of large run-off books.

Making Run-off purchase and management run on rails

With run-off books, data risk is a huge factor. Standard actuarial analysis of policies, known claims, unknown claim likelihoods and long-tail claims will rarely supply full knowledge of what lies beneath the structured data analysis formats. This is because most visible run-off data may reside only in what has been already processed into structured data formats: spreadsheets, data warehouses. 


360Retrieve is an unstructured data profiling tool whose value to those manage Run-Off books rests in its ability to surface crucial claims information that can otherwise remain hidden to book purchasers.


It’s estimated that only 20% of available data about claims ever makes its way into structured formats. The remaining 80% – which may include the tell-tale signs of jumper claims, incubated claims, zombie claims and worst of all sleeper claims - is usually wrapped up in file formats that escape attention let alone analysis. Emails, PDFs, images, letters, forms and other information that never reaches structured analysis tools.


Our 'all you need to know' guide to Run-off and Legacy Insurance can be found here.


run off insurance software analysis
run off insurance data profiling tool-2
run off insurance data profiling tool-2

Risk can be mitigated. But only so long as it can be understood – fully.

Working with us, we can enable you to gain exceptionally valuable insights into liabilities that may be hidden beneath the surface of available structured data and dashboarding.


A no-obligation chat with us and a demonstration if you wish, will reveal very quickly how 360Retrieve – from 360Globalnet, which powers the claims handling of some of the globe’s most notable brands – can help you to help yourself.

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