InsurancePost carried out a recent survey, in association with 360Globalnet, to investigate the void between insurance and retail digital services.

Efficiency and customer satisfaction are likely to become the key battlegrounds for personal lines in the next five years. When insurers started to ‘go digital’, they focused on the competitive advantages of online sales. Now, when the majority of policies are bought
online – direct or via aggregators – it is during their after-sales service and claims experience that most customers have their Wizard of Oz moment.

The full article can be downloaded from the InsuranceHound page here.

If you're providing a 'Wizard of Oz' service, where policyholders are being tempted into an apparent digital claims environment only to then be let down at the next step, then we can help. 360Globalnet provides all the tools insurers need to digitally interact with their policyholders, 3rd parties and entire supply chain - enabling FNOL to settlement orchastration and automation

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