Automating insurance digital claims

It all lies in the power of orchestration and synchronisation.


At 360Globalnet, digital claims is like the ballet - the art of orchastrating and choreographing the many people involved into a seamless and graceful journey.


Claims management often suffers from silos. That's not a ballet term it is just that historical claims handling has involved a range of discrete processes whose lack of functional and technological overlap keeps them compartmentalised. Notification of loss, technical claims, fraud detection, supply chain management, settlement... all operating often in their own departments.


insurers who are integrating their claims handling using digital enhancements at all the different stages are the prima ballerinas of the troupe. They handle claims faster, more gracefully, with less friction and more satisfaction for the theatre audience - claimants!


With 360Globalnet, we’ve spent a decade doing just that with leading insurers around the world. We transform claims process into a seamless and flowing digital masterpiece by using the incredible flexibility of a no-code platform to realise savings, speed and satisfaction in a fraction of the time and cost of typical hard coded systems. 


Communication is key


The way departments and systems interact often have a direct impact on the size of bottlenecks. The problem is that insurers often opernate on several platforms mixed with various point solutions with the by-product of which being communication restrictions, compromises and inflexbility. 


However, with 360Globalnet's multi-award-winning no-code digital claims platform, coordinating your processes and choreographing your entire supply chain doesn't mean compromise, restrictions and work-arounds. 100% configurable workflows enable insurers to interact with all parties to a claim exactly as you want, creating a fully digital end-to-end claims experience.


The result? The removal of bottlenecks and the introduction of no-touch claims. Handle claims faster, more gracefully, with less friction and more satisfaction for the theatre audience - your claimants! 



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Automating insurance digital claims

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