UK insurer "turned the customer experience around" and is now achieving 80+ NPS using 360SiteView, a digital insurance claims process management solution from 360Globalnet.

When a leading UK insurer suffered increasing numbers of customer complaints in their pet insurance division, they decided to move away from paper-based claims and try a digital insurance claims process management solution. Fast forward to now and they're achieving 80+ NPS and have seen other, unexpected business benefits to going digital as well.  

The world is digitising, the likes of retail giants such as Amazon have proved this. Why? Because it enables a fast, efficient and transparent customer experience that we simply can't get enough of. We live in a world where customers want instant gratification, notification and settlement and digital technology is the only way to deliver it.

At 360Globalnet, we put the customer at the heart of the technology. Online FNOL is just the beginning - in fact - leading customers into a false digital process where the only digital interaction is with an online form which is subsequently manually handled in the back-end is often worse than no FNOL at all. If customers initially engage digitally, they expect an end-to-end digital claims process.

From self service FNOL, users can build bespoke workflows and processes for every scenario so claims are digitally and automatically triaged in the right direction. The entire supply chain is orchastrated and automated, leaving claims handlers to do what they do best - add value by providing empathy and using their experience to manage the unique and complex claims.

When it comes to our pets, they come first and owners need fast assurance that their claims is being dealt with and that it's settled as quickly as possible. Using our mulit-award-winning no-code digital claims platform, 360SiteView, we've streamlined the pet claims process for this insurer and its customers.

"360SiteView has literally turned our customer experience around: we've gone from frustration and complaints to 5 star reviews. Our NPS has never been higher and we're more efficient across the business as well."

The new digital platform has streamlined the pet claims process for the insurer, its customers and also vets - and allows injured and sick pets to be treated much more quickly. As a direct result of switching to 360SiteView digital claims management solution, this leading insurer has achieved a greatly improved NPS of more than 80 with customer satisfaction at the best levels they've ever seen. 

"Our customers prefer a streamlined, digital process, as our NPS shows. What we didn't expect were the many other business efficiencies 360SiteView would drive for us."

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