Exhibiting at ITC Las Vegas 2022 marked a momentous milestone for 360Globalnet. It feels like a generational shift has taken place since the pandemic saga at the beginning of 2020 with both insurers and policyholders alike now opting for digital engagement.

But with all the hype around the world going digital, there is still no substitute to meeting the industry face-to-face, so it was fantastic to be able to see old friends and meet new ones at ITC.

It’s clear where the Insurance industry is heading and it was incredible seeing the emergence of new technologies sprouting up across the entire insurance supply chain. Adoption of digital technology is bringing a wave of new efficiencies to the industry and we’re proud to be playing an important part of it.

Being able to speak with all the participants at ITC 2022 confirmed and expanded our understanding of current day claim pain points. And whilst claims present a unique set of challenges, no insurer is the same, thus there is no single rigid solution. This is exactly where the power of no-code digital claims comes into its own.

Being able to configure entire end-to-end solutions in weeks and months - tailored to client requirements - enables bespoke claims management systems to be delivered without the costs associated with traditional hard-coded solutions. Not to mention the on-going configurability that no-code offers insurers, allowing the business practitioners themselves to change and improve claims journeys without ever needing to go through the never-ending IT queues.

At ITC 2022, we had the pleasure of showcasing our multi-award-winning technology throughout both days. Interest was overwhelming and it was clear to see that our views on the efficiency opportunities within claims management are shared across the industry.

Luckily, we had Boris the robot on hand at the show helping to spread the word of no-code digital claims! He rapped his way into the hearts of unsuspecting attendees and even provided personalised messages and joined in family calls – all in a days work!

If you missed us at the event or weren’t able to attend this year and you’d like to find out more about our no-code digital claims technology, then get in touch today. We’d be delighted to connect with you, understand where you might need some help and demo our platform tailored to your requirements.

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