What is no-code technology?


No-code technology is enabling programmers and non-programmers alike to develop software applications without the need to know how to code. It is transforming industries that once heavily relied on development expertise and is opening the door to anyone who is willing to innovate and build.


A prime example of this is website design. The likes of Wix and Squarespace taken over the space with their no-code platforms making simple and easy for entrepenours to create amazing and unique websites without knowing or writing a single line of code. 


How does no-code fit into digital claims?


No-code and digital claims fit together like two pieces of a puzzle. Claims management is a complex area within insurance with many people involved from brokers to repair shops, not to mention the policyholders themselves.


Crucially, policyholder demands are constantly evolving, faster than IT departments can keep up, meaning a different solution is required to stay one step ahead of customers and maintain a competitive advantage.


This is where no-code comes to the rescure for digital claims specifically. It enables insurers to pivot in a moments notice, business practitioners on the front line can innovate, and changes and improvements can be built, tested and deployed within hours and days - not weeks and months, and for larger projects, years.


Why is no-code becoming so popular?


In a recent report from Microsoft, they estimated that 500 million applications will be built over the next 5 years - that's more than the last 40 years combined. Simply, there aren't enough developers to achieve this so the tools we used over the last 40 years won't be the same tools that work for us going forward.


In that same report, no-code technology was touted as the solution. No-code takes the complexity of development and removes it. It uses Lego bricks of pre-assembled code that can be built and configurated almost overnight and this seismic shift has caused no-code technology to start to  flood into traditional industry models


What are the benefits of no-code digital claims?


Claims are a crucial time for the insurer to deliver on their promise, with the likelihood of the claimant renewing heavily dependent on their claim experience.


No-code means that insurers can deliver on their promise with all the speed and efficiency policyholders demand. They can also flex and change as those demands evolve without worrying about stubborn legacy systems which are already out of their comfort zone.


Development of new lines can be created an depolyed in days and innovation can be tried and tested without the need for IT departmends and consultants. No-code is disrupting legacy systems because it slashes costs, timescales and empowers the business to control its own destiny rather than mortgaging it to IT priority queues.


For insurers, cost optimisation and customer-centric engagement are two focus points which are typically anchored in huge expense. No any more.


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