Claim Services subsidence and drainage
Claim Services subsidence and drainage

Digitally enabled claim services

  • The Drainage Repair Company
    We have used our technology to localise services but concentrate decision-taking on a team of experts working from a central virtual hub. We bring the claim to experts for determination rather than have them go to the claim
  • Subsidence
    Our Subsidence claims management process incorporates the ability for customers to self-report claims with video and imagery, allowing Insurers during their FNOL process to identify non-subsidence damage without a visit and associated costs.
  • WithYouIn5
    WithYouIn5 (WYI5) is a digitally enabled group of on-demand customer focussed workers who can visit customers, complete inspections and provide assistance within hours and upload data back to the Insurer to settle the claim.
  • Disaster, Restoration and Recovery (DR&R)
    We provide insurers with a service to manage their first responders in complex flood, burst pipes and fire claims, where those first responders are enabled to live stream video back to the Insurer to make decisions within a day.
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I really think you should contact the Guinness Book of Records! I damaged the induction hob on Thursday, 11.55am. At 7.55, Saturday, a new one was delivered. No form-filling, no fuss and friendly staff at all points in the process. Surely some sort of record?

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