360Insight brings together the 360 lego blocks, providing both a one world and customised solution.

Our cloud based web system can be configured to connect and view any data and visualise it in over 600 ways. 360Insight is flexible in the modules that you can add so it is perfect to compliment your existing systems and processes.

Key Features

  • Html 5 based

    Html 5 based

    Compatible with all browsers, operating Systems and mobiles without the need for additional licences.

    Can be extended using JavaScript and custom plugins built in C#, VB, NodeJS or Java.

  • Cloud based

    Cloud based

    Always accessible no matter where you are and always available.

    Multi-factor authentication support

  • Real time analytics

    Real time analytics

    Gives you a one world view of your business in real-time

  • Universe free connectivity

    Universe free connectivity

    No need for complex metadata to work out data connections

More Key Features

  • Reads data at source

    Reads data at source

    No need for complex syncing or extracting process of your core systems, on demand access to data via SQL style queries to data connections

  • Actionable analytics

    Actionable analytics

    Bi-directional BI/MI allowing you to build forms, cleans data and drive new actions and tasks from the visual output

  • Embedded Analytics

    Embedded Analytics

    Widget based output from our analytics system can be embedded within any browser based interface allowing extension and customisation of your core business systems


360Insight provides a true insight in to your business. It flexes and changes as your business evolves. It’s more cost effective than conventional systems and, because it enhances current systems, there is no loss on previous IT investments. 360Insight delivers significant, measurable and sustainable ROI for your business by truly disrupting your processes and extracting value without disrupting your service to your customers.

Customisable to be used in a myriad of different situations with embeddable content that can be seamlessly consumed by other browser based systems.


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