Making the claims process simpler, faster and more fraud resistant.

Whether you want to reinvigorate your legacy system with a digital wrap-around to unlock additional capabilities, or you require a standalone claims management platform, we can help.

your customers want digital claims

Your customers are ready. Are you?

The market has spoken - providing a digital service is now essential for insurers. But with so many options available from building something in-house, knitting together a plethora of point solutions to moving to an entirely new end-to-end platform - not to mention standing still - it's easy to get stuck in the mud.


However, 360Globalnet may have the perfect answer, giving you all the benefits of all your options without the drawbacks. 


No-code digital claims is quickly becoming the preferred choice for insurers looking to digitalise their operations to boost customer satisfaction whilst slashing operational costs.


360Globalnet's award-winning no-code digital claims platform provides all the building blocks with the complexity built-in, so you can fit them together like lego bricks in a way thats unique to your business. 

  • Build the claims management system you want
    Bypass the risk, delay and cost of developing a claims platform in-house whilst still building exactly what you and your customers want.
  • No more point solution compatibility issues or restrictions
    Point solutions can be amazing in their own right, however they often require compromising from other connected platforms. With no-code, like lego, you know everything fits together seamlessly. 
  • One step at a time
    Still got scars from previous software projects? Our no-code platform can reinvigorate existing legacy systems by wrapping around them, unlocking the individual digital capabilities you need.
  • All at a fraction of the cost of tradition IT projects
    This flexibility and agility is a fraction of the cost associated with such results. There are no massive development costs or licence fees, just simple pay per claim subscriptions.

Disruptive technology without the disruption. Transform your legacy to digital claims processing with our award winning digital insurance platform.


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your customers want digital claims
architecture _pexels-camille-staehler-2293507
architecture _pexels-camille-staehler-2293507

Digital claims solution - claims processing automation

Following information upload, each claim is mapped to a pre-determined digital settlement path according to its complexity. This path includes comprehensive online functions of automation, workflow and orchestration of the supply chain.

  • You control the digital claims process
    360SiteView is virtually 100% configurable. Operational teams are able to design and implement any digital process and publish it immediately, with no technical knowledge required.
  • Manage any claim type digitally
    The agility and flexibility of the platform optimises process implementation for each individual claimant. Use 360SiteView for any business class or claim type: motor, property, casualty, travel, pet, warranty, commercial, engineering, aviation, marine ... anything.
  • Improve claim insight and reduce costs
    Bring any loss to the desktop via live video streaming and offline images, text, documents and email. You see the details of every claim almost instantly, allowing faster, more informed decision-making and offering typical cost savings of 10-13%.

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orchastrate your supply chain digital claims

A better way to control your supply chain

Our digital insurance platform, 360SiteView, creates a single digital claim record that can be accessed from all permitted parties along the supply chain. No data is duplicated, all calendar entries are synchronised and the whole process is transparent.

  • Single, accurate data record
    All claim-related evidence is stored in a single digital record for each claimant. Suppliers can be automatically linked to the customer and claim event.
  • Full visibility of supplier activities
    The virtual tools provided by 360SiteView make the entire claims process collaborative and transparent. The insurer can see exactly what the supplier is doing and monitor progress.
  • Better service for customer and insurer
    Transparency encourages full compliance to service standards and the delivery of a quality job that doesn't come with any hidden extras.

Feel free to get in touch today for a no obligation chat or demonstration. But don't just take our word for it - POCs are a brilliant way to dip your toes in the water so you can see the results first hand.


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orchastrate your supply chain digital claims
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