In a recent poll, insurance and tech executives were asked if no-code technology was a ‘Game Changer’ or just ‘Hype’ for insurers. 81% chose Game Changer.

The speed and cost reduction experienced after no-code implementations of digital claims are bringing this highly effective solution onto the radar of more and more companies. But is it resilient?

Here are three reasons why those considering no-code can relax:

  1. 360Globalnet - one of the world’s leading providers of no-code insurance technology - has embraced ISO2007:2017 certification for the last four years. In that time, across all four annual audits, the company has not received a single non-conformity – major or minor. A key plank of its ‘flying colours’ performance is the robustness that comes from an integrated end-to-end code base written and maintained by one skilled team using the same coding languages, consistent architecture and super-high QA standards. In eight years, the company has experienced zero outage.
  2. No-code solutions are built for the Cloud. There’s no complication trying to adapt legacy to retrofit into the Cloud. Infosec and user-experience are designed with the need for speed and multi-location access (including WFH) front of mind.
  3. Integration is our middle-name. 360Globalnet recognise that every company has degrees of legacy that are import planks to serve customers and the business. Thankfully, no-code technologies with strong APIs can wrap around and enhance virtually any existing platforms and systems. In fact, many use cases involve adding digital layers quickly into FNOL, Supply Chain management and information verification/analytics.
So, if you are considering changing the game to reduce cost, improve customer satisfaction and empower your staff, no-code offers you the chance to move quickly and slickly without any sacrifices to resilience.

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