A much as we all hope that normality will return during the back end of 2021, it’s clear some things have changed forever. They aren’t going back. ‘The New Norm’ is a phrase we hear daily and for business we’ve witnessed a ‘flip’ in society where online is now normality. Any ‘don’t need digital’ King Canutes are already well past the point where just their tippy toes are wet, they're up to their waistline!

At 360Globalnet, we’ve seen how this new normality has driven the expectations of consumers towards their insurers. We spent 2020 rapidly transforming the online offerings of dozens of clients across the world. Mainly those who grasped the accelerated need to adapt because of fundamental changes in public behaviour, expectation and choice.

Ofcom report that daily average time spent online for adults has never been higher. The New York Times reports surging usage figures on Zoom, Teams and services that enable us to work and learn from home. Statista report that 87% of UK households made online purchases in 2020, the highest figure ever.

These seismic digital shifts are all part of a public diode effect, where the power can flow only in one direction, never to retreat. For businesses, the requirement for digital acceleration has shifted in line with this effect.

Digital services that are easy for customers to use and bundled with Amazon-esque reassurance of constant updating are no longer ‘nice to haves’, they are ‘must haves’. The last 12 months has given us ‘2020’ vision and the need for digital acceleration is driven by the need to stop customers voting with their feet.

At 360Globalnet, we provide all the necessary tools that any insurer, of any size, territory or any claim-type needs to digitally transform interactions with policyholders. Our difference is that such value comes in the next steps as our systems allow for automation beyond FNOL to remove repetitive tasks from in-house teams and automate supply chains. 

We can fundamentally change the way you handle claims to match this new world. This extends to digitally wrapping around your legacy systems, improving the parts that resist change within your current IT roadmap…  or we can act as a standalone platform for new or existing product lines.

360Globalnet makes digital claims easy for you with our award-winning no-code technology, removing the costly burden of traditional IT builds and placing the power back in the hands of the business. Practitioners can literally build the processes they’ve dreamed of without knowing a single line of code.

While King Canute is grabbing whatever digital flotsam he can find in the deep cold water, we are giving insurers the best opportunity to watch the changing tide with reassured confidence from the beach.

If you’d like to find out just how 360Globalnet can boost your business with digital claims handling, get in touch today.

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