An irony of advanced digital claims handling is that, usually, as costs reduce due to automation, Net Promoter Score (NPS) rises.

This runs completely counter to the 'standard model' of customer service but that model was developed before modern consumers became digitaly focused in their expectations of service.

For modern consumers, respect for their time and fulfilment of their expectation are the two cornerstones of satisfaction. They want to know what is happening - and when. PLUS they want to know as quickly as possible through the devices that are usually in their hands.

Automation is the key. When layers of human handling are involved in tasks that don't really need human handling, things slow down, errors begin and all the while costs rise. Among 360Globalnet's insurance clients, some have over 130 automation states built in just at the FNOL stage then much more throughout the subsequent process to settlement. Each claim notified is triaged and directed precisely with real-time updates to customers triggered at every gate point.

Yes, customers love digital front ends - the chance to upload pictures and videos and tell their side of their claim. But it is digital processes behind this that drive cost reduction and increase satisfaction.

Can your systems manage the garages, loss adjusters, suppliers, fraud processes and all parties to the claim based on rules and digital workflow? If not, it's time to investigate what you could save in time, cost, consultancy and customer re-acquisition.

We can help you. We have done it for companies world-wide and the results speak for themselves.

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