For many Brits, a pet is a family member whose love is unconditional. For Insurers, a pet claim is a moment of truth that requires perfect handling. Digital is the way to make that moment count.

360Globalnet is an award-winning claims tech company that offers an award-winning no-code system – with all the digital bells and whistles plus more – to create low-friction claims processing systems bespoke to each company’s needs.

The result: reduced human handling times, slashed costs and accelerated settlement speeds. But most importantly, our average NPS scores are in the high 70s across all the insurers we work with in the world (inc. some of the biggest names!).

How? It’s all lies in real-time updating for customers driven by full digital claims handling – from eFNOL to orchestration of supply chain and workflow, including vets. And because business managers rather than IT develop what they need in plain English and deploy it, it’s possible to react and adapt quickly with the usual development costs and timescales removed.

A start-up flash in the pan? No, a company nearly a decade old who are the power under the hood that underpins claims handling for some of the biggest names in the insurance world.

And importantly for a pet owner, constant reassurance is hard-wired at every stage to keep emotional involvement with you – their insurer – strong and valuable.