In a world where algorithms and automation take centre stage, there's a vital component that remains irreplaceable: the human touch. As the insurance industry continues to push forward with technological advancements, striking the right balance between tech and touch becomes paramount. After all, while machines can process data at lightning speed, us humans continue to play a vital role in claims management. 

The allure of technology in claims management is undeniable. Automated systems can sift through vast amounts of data, identify patterns, and make decisions in fractions of a second, all in real-time. Technology can offer efficiency, consistency, and can significantly reduce human error. But while these systems excel in processing, they lack the empathy and the ability to make nuanced decisions- that only experienced claims handlers can provide. 

Consider a claimant who has just experienced a traumatic event, such as a house fire or a severe car accident. While they undoubtedly appreciate a swift claims process, they also yearn for empathy, understanding, and assurance. They want to speak to someone who can understand their distress, offer reassurance, and guide them through the claims process with compassion. A purely automated system, no matter how advanced, cannot replicate this level of human connection. 

This is not to say that technology doesn't have a role in enhancing the human element. On the contrary. When used correctly, technology can free up claims professionals from mundane tasks, allowing them to focus on providing a more personalised, empathetic service, and adding true value to both policyholders and insurers alike. For instance, chatbots can handle routine queries, while AI-driven systems can pre-process claims, leaving the more complex, sensitive cases to human experts. 

Moreover, technology can also aid in personalising the claims experience. Advanced analytics can provide insights into individual claimant preferences, enabling insurers to tailor their communication and service accordingly. Virtual site visits through live streaming video can be used for remote property assessments, allowing claimants to walk adjusters through damages in real-time, fostering a more collaborative, interactive, and on-demand claims process. 

At 360Globalnet, we understand the delicate balance between tech and touch. Our multi-award-winning digital claims platform, 360SiteView, is designed not to entirely replace the human element, but to enable humans to add true value where it’s needed. By automating routine processes, we empower claims professionals to spend more time on what truly matters: building relationships, understanding claimants' unique needs, and offering a compassionate, human-centric service. In instances where a claim can’t be automated through to settlement, our dynamic workflows and unstructured data insights enable claims to be flagged into hands of the right claims handler when certain criteria are met. 

As the digital transformation wave continues to reshape the insurance industry, it's essential to remember that claims management isn't just about speed and efficiency. It's about people. And while technology can offer numerous advantages, the human touch remains invaluable. We're committed to leveraging the best of both worlds, ensuring that you’re able to make your claimants always feel valued, understood, and cared for. 

It’s what we call ‘high-tech, high-touch’. Welcome to the home of digital claims.