2020 has changed everything for everybody. For insurers, the list of challenges is exceptionally broad and highly complex. Is it possible to grasp them all simultaneously?

A failure to positively address the impact of disruption to operational delivery, claims patterns and upweighted digital demand by consumers represents a severe threat. 360Globalnet are specialists in digital claims enablement whether it is wrapping around legacy systems to plug digital gaps or the wholesale re-working of claims platforms that can never deliver the future.

Our experience is borne of decades inside the insurance industry and distilling that expertise into systems that address the basic needs that sit behind the challenges. By investing £millions in a no-code platform, we’ve created systems that can be configured and deployed super-fast at a fraction of the cost of typical development timescales. Every building block is already fully developed – it is just a question of assembling them to deliver the systems insurers need.

The digital bells and whistles are standard but they sit on top of a platform that is built for integration, for fast proofs of concept, for robustness and most of all, the chance to reduce costs while improving customer satisfaction.

Customers are now used to a ping on their mobile when packages have left the warehouse and another when delivered to their home, and as a result, their expectations have changed. Our comprehensive eFNOL and updating functionality delivers that retail experience while automation and workflow tools strip out the unnecessary costs of manual steps in processes.

Our clients are global brands, international names, industry leaders. They all share one common characteristic. They approach tipping points positively and adopt the right technologies at the right time to make a difference.

With pandemic, technological, regulatory and consumer pressures arising all around, it’s time to take another look at all the options at this tipping point. 360Globalnet can help you – we can wrap around, integrate, reimagine and reinvent any processes in insurance claims. No obligation – just check that you’re not missing out on a solutions that is helping many others tip the right way in 2020.

If you'd like to discover more about how 360Globalnet might be able to help you, get in touch. We'd be delighted to show you what is possible.