The FCA Business Interruption case ruling has moved back to September… For some insurers, that creates more time to be ready and some have built digital systems in weeks. How?

360Globalnet is an award-winning claims tech company that offers an award-winning no-code system – with all the digital bells and whistles plus more – to create low-friction claims processing systems bespoke to each company’s needs.

The result: reduced human handling times, slashed costs and accelerated settlement speeds.

How? It’s all in the code (or lack of it). Because business managers rather than IT can develop what they need in plain English and deploy it, sometimes reacting in hours to changing situations, usual development costs and timescales are removed.

A start-up flash in the pan? No, a company nearly a decade old who are the power under the hood that underpins claims handling for some of the biggest names in the insurance world

Our systems can offer you full Business Interruption eFNOL and then harness robust workflow/verification tools to increase your efficiency by orders of magnitude. These include links we’ve already built to Companies House and other external data sources for automatic validation processes.

It would take 45 mins of your time to see what the fuss is about. A good investment? With September looming, there is nothing to lose and everything to gain. Please can we tell you more?