eFNOL and digital interaction with customers is now more important than ever before.

A SWOT analysis is a staple – but often ignored - part of any insurers diet. In the ‘Threats’ corner of the quadrant there should be a holistic look at what’s lurking around the corner. Sometimes we need to look outside insurance to understand the tide of change that can sweep over our customers from other industries.

Over the last 10 years, policyholders have grown used to convenience technologies. Amazon ‘click to buy now’ functionality. Then a constant stream of real-time updates - “It’s on it’s way”, “It will be delivered by Tim at 10.15”, “It’s just been delivered”, “Happy with your purchase?”. This may not have looked like an obvious threat to insurers but expectations are shaped and genies are let out of bottles!

When customers are thrilled by a wholesome diet of expectation management via email and SMS, they come to expect this level of service regardless of industry. Like a cat preparing to pounce, the change starts slowly but choices shift suddenly. And now insurers, face a digital challenge as they rush to deliver a similar standard of service before their frustrated customers go elsewhere.

At 360Globalnet, our tech is rooted in customer expectation management. Policyholder satisfaction enables insurers to retain hard-won customers and it is one is one of our specialties. Our multi-award-winning no-code technology can wrap around slower-moving legacy systems, digitally enabling insurers with agile eFNOL and real-time update capabilities, delivering NPS scores in the 80s.

Using our system to allow customers to click on a ‘Make a Claim’ button on your website(s) and then automatically register FNOL from any device of their choice; iPhone and/or Android smartphone, laptop and/or desktop PC whether MS Windows or MAC, is a simple integration that gets any insurer moving towards retail levels of digital. A claim journey that updates at every movement, policyholders can mix, match and switch and always arrive in seconds at the current stage of the claims journey for a better customer experience. Our analysis shows:

  • 95% of customers prefer a digital claims experience

  • 35% choose the eFNOL route straight away.

  • Of the remaining 65% who phone a call centre >60% choose to continue digital engagement when offered the choice by a claims handler

The policyholder simply clicks on a secure link received by email and/or SMS text. They can then complete FNOL at their convenience from the device of choice without having to download any pesky software, apps or plug-ins.

Customers receive automated updates in real-time at every status change of a claim which results in a 65% reduction of incoming phone and outgoing calls freeing claims handlers to focus on critical tasks and decisions.

The tide has turned. Customers fed on modern retail are setting the bar high. We are helping insurers across the world clear that bar without the cost or time lag they imagine.

Author: Leo Montgomery

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