Missed InstechLondon's No-Code/Low-Code Platforms - A Bridge from Legacy to Digital? No problem, It's now available on demand for a short time only.

Watch host Robin Merttens and his panel of  experts Mark Cook, former Global CIO of Marsh, Colville Wood of Cognizant and Mehul Parekh of EY look at how no-code/low-code platforms are being deployed in insurance and what their adoption might mean for the insurance industry.

The webinar was hosted live on Thursday May 6th, 2021 and you can watch the full recording here. You'll need to register for free to watch it - the form is on the right side of the webpage.

No-code/low-code technology has long been associated with the likes of website building, enabling non technical minded creators to build impressive and functional sites for their businesses. However, the no-code model is rapidly being adopted by insurers looking to digitise their sevices, slash costs, increase agility and boost customer satisfation.

The key learning objectives for this live chat were:
- Learn about the implementation and effects of No-Code/Low Code platforms in insurance
- Understand their role in the future of insurance and how it may influence individual business strategies
- Explore the potential for No-Code/Low-Code in aiding insurers to modernise legacy systems

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