Anyone who has picked up the phone to a large company in the last year will have entered the Kafka-esque horror of the IVR - automated voice-driven decision trees for filtering customers to the right places. And it's failing. Let's look at why 360Globalnet's digital claims system helps insurers get around the IVRs that customers so patently hate. 

First, every IVR in the country begins with a message along the lines of: "We are experiencing unusually high call volumes right now and it may take us some time to answer your call".  This gives rise to the first, justifiable frustration. The volumes can't be unusually high or this IVR message would only come on very occasionally. Unfortunately, almost without exception, this message stays on permanently. This means they are experiencing the standard high call volumes but have chosen not to resource to those volumes. 

Second, a very large number of callers have already been to the website and not found the answers applicable to their particular circumstances. They have therefore phoned out of frustration. Either this or they are elderly or vulnerable and not comfortable with or able to access online servicing. 

Finally, when those frustrated customers enter the IVR decision tree, many will find that the options offered don't cover their particular situation. The voice driven decision tree takes a lot of time to read the options so they are usually narrowed to a maximum of six. When none of these fit, people try to choose the closest wrong option. But then the decision tree extrapolates from that 'near fit' option and the next set of options get even further from their personal situation.  

They end up holding until someone answers the phone and by that stage, the NPS has taken such a beating that their next web journey is normally to Google Reviews, Trustpilot or Feefo. To vent.

In insurance, a great digital journey - for digital claims particularly - means that those who go online can interact with a huge range of options, find the one that suits their perception of the situation and then find that actions start to follow quickly...

Policyholders now expect the same level of service they receive from the best online retailers - and how often do you call the likes of Amazon? Delivering this digital journey is at the heart of what we do at 360Globalnet, and we've been helping global insurers boost their NPS scores into the high seventies and beyond.

Infinitely configurable dynamic decision trees mean that customers can find what they want when they want, and insurers can update, add and improve the journey at the click of a button each time circumstances evolve. Not only does the customer experience drastically improve, but those "unusually high" call volumes start to fall as well, bringing resource back inline with volume enabling you to provide empathy and support over the phone during your claimants time of need.

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