Getting the basics right is far more important for insurers than tech bling.

When the App Store first opened to third party applications in 2008, a period followed where 'amazing' apps were shared virally among a novelty struck public: optical illusions, voice changers, virtual fishponds. They were like over-sweet puddings, fantastic at first but rapidly cloying after the initial buzz has faded. Eventually, savoury replaced sweet and developers realised that true value was more likely to be delivered through genuinely useful 'home screen' apps that could increase productivity every day.

At 360Globalnet, we specialise in the latter camp using no-code technology to address the pressing issues of insurance claims, workflow and supply chains. We help insurers achieve exponential increases in the efficiency delivery of essential basics to their customers. It is, in short, a time for insurers to get unsexy.

The world of insurance is in the virtual fishpond phase. Surveying the landscape of insurtech start-ups is like regarding a Series-A-fuelled bingocard populated by AI, ML and DARQ. Amazing? For sure. Necessary? Questionable.  

Creating a compelling proposition for customers is much less exciting than knitting together whizzy 'point solutions' and launching Frankensurance onto the world. They need the simplicity of device agnostic digital communications with insurers, where each action they take - registering a claim, accepting a quote, taking a picture of damage - is met with simple, rapid actions. People know what good feels like because they experience it in their interactions with the retail world. It is about speed, notifications at every stage, managed expectations and the pleasant surprise of efficiency.

At 360Globalnet, we work with some of the world's largest insurance brands removing complexity and adding in the functionality that others would charge eye-watering sums to add in. We build digital claims platforms that work ‘out of the box’ but can also be adapted and developed without spending £ms on traditional 'develop, build, test, deploy' models. 

We may be short on acronyms, but in a world where people's expectations are demanding yet very simple, stripping cost and complexity out of doing the essentials is the way forward. After eating the main course of efficiency, everyone is of course welcome to survey the sweet trolley but don’t start with the chocolate eclairs!

It only takes 45minutes to understand what we do. We may not be bling but we promise we can excite you with the gains you can make in CapEx, OpEx, NPS, fraud detection and speed of settlement. 

Get in touch today for a no-obligation chat about what we could do for you.

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