Claims departments around the country have suffered in the last few days. Snowfall followed by sub-zero temperatures is a sure-fire recipe for a claims surge and social media is accordingly alive with videos of cars sliding into each other on icy roads.

Twitter users react with glee to the inability of even the most modern ABS-fitted cars to avoid sliding helplessly into motor claims. That glee is not mirrored within insurers for whom surge events are a real headache.

To borrow from one of the greats, what insurers need to avoid are the Bob Marley effects of a surge event: where valuable customers have to 'wait in vain' for the most basic responses to their accidents.

The ability to employ eFNOL services online and then back these up with automation of the whole process from supply chain notification and management through to customer updating in real time is something that 360Globalnet specialise in.

By using highly configurable 'no-code' digital claims processing, insurers ability to respond appropriately becomes a relatively simple, high speed and low-cost solution available pretty much 'out of the box'.  It's too late to break into a Redemption Song when customers start to make an Exodus following poor claims handling. A claim is the moment of truth. 

Customers don't want to Wait in Vain for calls to be answered, repairers to be notified, cars to be collected and repaired, hire cars to arrive and updates on the progression of their claims.  In a world fed on a diet of Amazon-esque minute-by-minute notifications, sophisticated eFNOL and automation can reduce operational costs, time lag and attrition. Poor service causes hard-won customers to Get Up and Stand Up for their Rights. The marketing costs to acquire them are wasted as soon as their renewal notice arrives.

Solutions can be configured and deployed rapidly at low cost. Using our no-code technology 360Globalnet has built such systems in days (although weeks is usually an entirely realistic timescale). Systems that can respond to surges don’t need to be created by developers and tested at huge cost and delay. They can also be adjusted, tailored, deployed and updated by claims practitioners at the desktop in plain English in hours for the circumstances of the moment. 

The assurance that the resulting processes will work is thanks to the complexity that lies under the surface. It takes effort, time and precision to create a Lego brick but once that work is done, you don’t need to test that two bricks will fit together – this is just how they work!

Many of the insurers that 360Globalnet works with for digital claims processing find that when they offer eFNOL - with all of the digital bells and whistles – the satisfaction of their customers rises. Even after a claim.

Three Little Birds tell us that although speaking with a good claims handler is lovely… speed and efficiency are the hallmarks of a great insurer when there is ice on the ground.

Let 360Globalnet show you how you could make that step.

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