You’re an insurer with great ideas for improving your digital customer service, workflow and efficiency. So what next? Many of the world’s leading companies are now using no-code platforms to get their Proofs of Concept up and running ultra-fast without the usual IT costs and hassle.

No-code allows very rapid build and deployment of POCs because there are no IT development queues or costs to hold them back. Practitioners within the business – usually within claims teams – can easily map and configure what they want to test and bring it to life within weeks rather than months. Amendments along the way can then be made and deployed in hours to improve performance. Joining the back of the IT priority queue becomes a thing of the past.

At 360Globalnet, most of our Proofs of Concept don’t run to their original timescales – they’re built fast, proved quickly through the delivery of customised business cases and the numbers do the talking without endless reiterations of code tweaking and delay. If there is a digital claims need that you can imagine fixing, our POC approach can make what you imagine a reality, at low cost and high speed.

Customers are living in the digital world and their expectations move faster than their forgiveness for companies who can’t keep up.

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 Pandemic we have delivered proofs of concept for some of the world’s largest insurers – some fully built on our ultra-robust platform and ready for deployment in weeks.

Let 360Globalnet show you the simplest and most cost- and time-effective way to prove your concepts for how to serve your customers better. We will be with you all the way and we keep costs low because the vast majority result in business improvements that simply can’t be ignored.

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