After the ordeals of customers and staff following the collapse of Thomas Cook, the last thing a travel insurance policyholder wants is a delay in dealing with their claim. That’s where the benefits of 360SiteView, the No-Code digital claims platform, spring into action.

“It was very easy for one of the UK’s largest travel insurers to add a custom process to identify, prioritise and manage all their Thomas Cook claims. That helped the insurer act swiftly, despite the surge of claims, to ensure their customers received the support they needed”.
James Harding COO of 360Globalnet.

The fact that the insurer was already a 360Globalnet client made it simpler, but 360Globalnet also has substantial experience helping new clients put digital processes in place from scratch to respond to CAT events. That is the power of an agile digital claims platform.

No waiting, nor need for developers and no writing code. Using plain English** at the keyboard to rapidly configure a bespoke process for policyholders claiming after Thomas Cook’s sudden and unfortunate demise. Simply test, iterate and then publish to production.

Sounds too simple? “Under the hood” of 360Siteview lies the results of a $35 million multi-year investment to build out from early eFNOL solutions to a full end-to-end platform that digitises the whole claims journey. From FNOL to settlement including orchestrating all parties involved; customers, the insurer’s teams and external supply chain.

The insurer had the option to publish a highly visible claims button on its website for its policyholders that were caught up in the Thomas Cook collapse. Just click the button and the FNOL process starts automatically to gather the evidence, validate cover and settle bona fide claims – all with greatly enhanced customer satisfaction and improved productivity that comes with deploying a state-of-the-art, highly automated digital platform.

An agile digital claims platform, such as 360SiteView, empowers insurers to proactively anticipate customers’ needs from major travel incidents to CAT events like hurricanes. It brings iterative development and constant innovation to any carrier and best of all can be deployed without having to change incumbent legacy systems or inflexible claims platforms.

For more information on 360SiteView please download the SMA Research Paper “Claims and Risk Management in the digital world: A Next-Gen Platform” by clicking here.

** In other countries using plain French, Spanish, German, Chinese etc.


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