Leading global insurer is using live digital video streaming technology to greatly reduce motor insurance claim life-cycle, particularly for customers in remote areas.

360VideoStreaming saves global insurer $millionsWhen motor vehicles are in an accident, it's essential that an engineer cast their expert eye over the damage in order to correctly assess the insurance claim. But what if the damaged vehicle is stranded in a remote location? Getting engineers to the site can add significant cost, drag out the claim life-cycle and erode customer satisfaction.

For one leading global insurer, using live digital video streaming as part of their digital insurance claims process has proved the perfect solution. 360VideoStreaming allows engineers to assess every detail of a vehicle claim in high resolution from hundreds of miles away.

"This technology has directly helped us fulfill our objectives. Projected annual savings are in excess of US$ 5million."

The technology is robust and reliable and allows up to twelve participants to view the live stream at a time, enabling a rounded expert assessment from a great distance. 360VideoStreaming is enabled on a local repairer's device and, following instructions given by the insurer and their experts remotely, they can show the claim evidence clearly. The customer's vehicle is repaired quickly and the insurer retains full control of the claim.

"360VideoStreaming has helped us significantly reduce the claim life-cycle, improve customer satisfaction and control the indemnity cost of vehicle repairs and it's greatly reduced our spend on external engineers."