One UK insurer visited 2,800 claim sites in just 2 weeks during extreme weather conditions, providing unrivalled service to policyholders.

In 2015, the north of the UK was hit by exceptionally harsh winter weather. Scotland's remote far north was particularly affected. As the snow deepened, hard-to-reach areas were cut-off and emergencies began to multiply.

Thanks to 360Globalnet's WithYouIn5 (WYi5) network, instead of falling apart under pressure, a leading insurer was able to access a network of vetted agents to assist people in reporting their insurance claims digitally and getting them the help they needed. Policyholders were understandably delighted with this very high standard of customer service.

The insurer said: "The response to WithYouIn5 has been astounding. Our policyholders are understandably delighted that someone was physically with them, assessing their claim within days. They know full well how difficult it has been to reach their village yet the WithYouIn5 task force managed it."

The task force was made up of professionals from Liverpool, Manchester, Kent, Yorkshire, Glasgow, Edinburgh and Leicester. 2,800 claims visits were made in only 2 weeks: an unprecedented response in such extreme UK weather conditions.

A policyholder said: "Our neighbours were told they wouldn't be visited for months. But our storm damage claim was settled in days."

At 360Globalnet, we know that speed and communication breed customer satisfaction. In scenarios such as this storm, have local eyes and boots on the ground make all the difference. Storm damage is often severe and for policyholders that can mean emotional and traumatic. And having an insurer unequipped to handle surge events is all but guaranteed to result in unhappy customers and low retention rates.

To further increase the value propersition of the WYi5 network, not only can then report on the damage but they can also become the eyes of the adjuster via our integrated live stream technology. Insurers with few specialist technicians can utilise the national network by enabling technicians to work from the desktop, skipping from one claim to the next. This enables driven miles and settlment times to be slashed.

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