Remote site visits a perfect example of improvement catapulted from experimentation to necessity.

Before COVID, the insurance industry was on a road that meandered through the forests of time making slow, deliberate, careful shifts in direction. In 2020, that journey veered off-road into the woods and uncharted territory.

Like many pioneers, that shock brought out the best in some and bewilderment in others. The eventual destination was always Digital Insurance-Ville but 2020 has spurred many companies to create new, faster routes to get there.

Remote Site Visits are a prime example. Some companies had experimented with video-linked tech as part of their digital claims technology roadmaps but they were the exception to the rule with no real impetus to make it to the mainstream. But, as the wind changes direction, so can business requirements, customer expectations and public health policy when there’s a global pandemic around.

Post-March 2020, 360Globalnet saw an unprecedented uplift in demand for our remote visit technology, D.A.V.E (Digitally Assisted Virtual Experience). Clients who recognised that the road had changed forever started to use technology to complete site visits remotely in the majority of applicable claims, with engineers and adjusters only attending sites when absolutely necessary.

The customer’s smartphone became the eyes and ears of a centrally located expert who could gather evidence

digitally without the obvious risks of a stranger entering their property.

Ironically, this isn’t a temporary change. Insurers using the D.A.V.E tech are set to reap the rewards long after vaccines have ended the COVID of forced transformation.

The value is not only in the customer experience but in the numbers. Loss adjusters and engineers can review many more claims per day, slashing travel cost and delays, generating less CO2. The real prize is however that this approach speeds up the claims lifecycle, slashing costs and boosting customer satisfaction.

D.A.V.E. allows policyholders to follow a detailed guided process to provide the exact information and evidence that would otherwise have been obtained face-to-face. It allows real-time collaboration between insurers and customers without risks or inconvenience to either party.

The road may have swung into the forest unexpectedly but insurers can now see the wood for the trees technologically.

If you’d like to find out how simple and effective D.A.V.E is, let the team at 360Globalnet show you how we can implement remote site technology simply, quickly and inexpensively.

Article by Leo Montgomery

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