The 16th edition of the Judicial College Guidelines (JCG) for General Damages was published in hard copy this week. Bodily Injury practitioners, in both the claimant and insurer communities, will need to be aware of this latest update.

If RPI inflation were applied over the period between this edition and the last, it would be a shade over 6.5%. It is then perhaps no surprise that, in general terms, the latest revision broadly reflects that, with some rounding.

The statutory tariff for whiplash is included in the guidelines. However, anyone expecting insights into how whiplash cases (combined with another injury) will be approached will be disappointed - only an observation that further judicial guidance will be needed is included.

Some small structural revisions to presentation of the guidelines have appeared, and such changes may affect specialist insurers. For example, in this edition, there is a new Chapter 8 relating to upper limb injuries.

The ability to quickly understand how a bodily injury portfolio might be exposed to different injury types within the various JCG injury categories is a valuable management asset. Analysis of unstructured data to identify injury characteristics is a quick and easy task for those deploying our interrogation and analysis technology, 360Retrieve. It provides access to 100% of all data arriving in a business, turning data into information and insights. Easily configurable analysis parameters can quickly report on injury types, claimant characteristics and so much more.

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