Rishi Sunak's  6% hike in Corporation Tax places extra pressure on insurers to protect shareholder value in the coming years. The best route for colleagues, policyholders and shareholders starts with e-FNOL.

Every scrap of evidence we have seen in recent years suggests that a majority of customers, when offered an e-FNOL option to claim, will take it. The pandemic has only boosted the likelihood of that choice. People now have Amazon style notifications, updating and responsiveness built into their expectation. So why not offer them this route and capture all the benefits that go hand in hand.

360Globalnet's no-code claims platform makes online notifications easy but although e-FNOL is the key to the treasure chest, it's NOT the treasure. That lies in the configurations, automations, rulesets and workflows that e-FNOL enables. But you can't get them without the key!

Let's look at the benefits that flow directly:

NPS rises as following online claim and evidence capture, automatic workflows can then trigger the sort of notifications/updates that customers’ experience with web retail

e-FNOL frees customers from an open ended call allowing them to register a claim on a phone or PC as quickly or slowly as they want, uploading photos, videos, files and information with the convenience of a friendly Whatsapp exchange.

Automation then helps the claim to move along at a pace that surprises customers positively and almost immediately after they hit the ‘submit’ button.

With a majority of motor, home and travel claims coming in via e-FNOL, the effects on OpEx alongside the NPS boost are huge. Computers don’t have shifts, coffee breaks, home time, off-days or holidays… or (to put it bluntly) wages. Repetitive workloads are sidestepped, leaving staff to work on the cases where policyholders needs personal service, contact and empathy – further boosting retention.

So how do you promote e-FNOL? Here's 360Globalnet's top tips:

      1) Put a big ‘make a claim’ button on your homepage. Most people who are going to ring will visit your website from their phone rather than searching for policy docs. When they see that button, the majority press it!

      2) Change your IVR to allow claimants to enter their mobile numbers on the keypad so you can push a link to their phone by SMS to get them underway in minutes. Again, rather than hold, most start the process there and then.

      3) Train front-line call centre staff to offer a pushed link at the outset, highlighting the benefits to them and the updates they’ll receive automatically.

Using 360Globalnet's claims platform for e-FNOL is a fast, proven and low cost option but the real treasure comes afterwards.

Think of it as Corporation Tax mitigation for your shareholders. Or just time and hassle saving for busy claims teams. Either way, e-FNOL is the first step in a win:win that all insurers need right now.

Let us help you, whatever your current set up. We can build from new or wrap around existing core or legacy systems, adding the digital power you need. Contact us today for a no-obligation demo of what we can do and how quickly!

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