The service offered by personal lines insurers has suffered since 3 March 2020. It was inevitable. An industry of call centres and co-location had to cope with the tectonic shift to homeworking, Zoom and distributed systems.  But, close to a year on, COVID is no longer a valid excuse for poor service. Let’s investigate why.

Customers in 2020 experienced the rapid digitisation of previously phone or face-to-face services across many areas of their lives. The genie came out of the bottle when it comes to the digital expectations of the public.  Supermarkets are now in the palm of your hand as are a myriad of government services from tax to car licencing to health.

In schools, teachers will often hear ‘the dog ate my homework’ type excuses from lazy students; insurance customers however will no longer accept the equivalent when they see powerful digital services coming into action everywhere else in their lives. They will vote with their smartphones and their feet. At 360Globalnet, we’ve seen this in action with our busiest ever year – removing the time, hassle and cost of digital acceleration from insurers across the world by using no-code technology.

It’s not as if COVID created the issue. The clear rise in consumer-led demand for digital services existed long before the world changed in 2020. It was always on the curriculum… but insurers are risk averse by nature, so digital acceleration – with all its apparent risks - was often the last kid who was going to get picked for the ‘Do it Now’ team.

Following the FCA’s recent regulatory intervention in matters such as renewal and dual pricing, insurers need to differentiate themselves on service. It’s only a matter of time before those who pass the market’s digital service exam rise to the top of the class and gain market share. And full marks – in terms of pure custom - will be awarded to pupils who put the effort into digital acceleration.

Within insurance, claims are like the insurer’s exams – the moments of truth when the light touch interactions that have gone before make way for a real test. At 360Globalnet, we’ve helped many insurers and brokers to accelerate digital adoption strategies – sometimes building whole new processes and systems but often wrapping around core systems to supplement them.

Our award-winning no-code digital claims platform can unlock all the capabilities insurers require to flourish in a changed world. A bit like taking an iPhone into an exam, we can give you an unfair digital advantage over your peers.

There is no slow and costly IT build. Our no-code technology places the power back in the hands of the business, enabling practitioners to update, build, test and publish the processes they’ve dreamed of - without knowing a single line of code. 

Going into the post-COVID era, when notifications from deliveries arrive before, during and after the knock on the door, the public has been re-educated. The grades they expect from the companies they choose have been reset to straight A’s.

360Globalnet can boost your business with digital claims handling. Fast, cost-effective and built to satisfy an increasingly digital generation.  Get in touch today for a no-obligation chat about how we can help.

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