We are entering an era of necessary insurance cost optimisation. As price optimisation and other profit drivers fall under regulatory pressue, competitiveness now relies on maintaining superb services while reducing costs.

With cost optimsation now the priorit, insurers are looking at the worst offending sources of cost. Only one stands out - claims management - and when don't correctly, not only can improvements have a massive impact on operations expense but customer retention goes through the roof too.

Histically, claims has been an analogue and call centre game. Policyholders expected to be waiting on hold - and wait even longer for any settlement. But digital technology, across all industries, has disrupted the old way of doing things. Now, digital claims are at the forefront of insurers' agendas with huge savings and customer satisfaction to me made.

But the solution isn't another titanic IT development implemenation enough to scare off an iceberg. Our no-code technology can digitally wrap-around legacy systems, reinvigorating them with all the digital capabilities they lack.

At 360Globalnet, we have global experience implementing and integrating no-code systems with leading insurers. No-code removes 95% of the development cost and lag in typical Claims IT implementations. All complexity and code remains hidden under-the-hood allowing business practitioners – not coders or developers – to create and deploy the systems they need to better serve customers.

The no-code market is forecast to explode in the next five years, similar the the adoption seen with likes of Squarespace or Wix creating sophisticated and beautiful-looking sites at a fraction of the cost of web developers. We make it accessible, cost-effective and pragmatic for your business.

Whether it is taking eFNOL to new levels of retail automation and slickness. Whether it is orchestration of supply chain and automation of tasks using rulesets. Whether it is understanding your risk and fraud exposure by converting your unstructured and semi-structured data into true business analysis… we can help.

We’ve done it for others and every time, the results speak for themselves. Take the next steps and find out what the fuss is all about…