Claims automation: saving costs by debunking the myths

About this webinar:
Are the old legacy systems still the go-to place for claims? What are the alternatives? Insurance Times and a panel of experts explore whether insurers are paying too much money and spending too much time implementing outdated systems.

Could the new wave of self-implementing systems spell the end of this being an outsourced service?

We debunk the myths and lies that you may have been told and find out if there is an easier, more cost-effective way to manage your claims system. Is stitching together a bunch of point solutions the future of claims? Or, if not, then what does the future of digital claims technology look like? One thing appears to be certain - legacy systems are under increasing pressure from insurtechs deliverying digital native solutions driving NPS scores and efficiency levels not seen before.

Live online Apr 9 10:00 am United Kingdom - London
or after on demand 60 mins

Presented by
Scott Mcgee

Claims automation: saving costs by debunking the myths

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