360Globalnet boss says back-up planning and flexible IT is needed.

The insurance industry has been warned of huge disruption to insurance claims, with call centres potentially being closed and disaster planning coming into action.

Insurance claims tech provider, 360Globalnet, is preparing for a potential demand surge in the provision of its no-code digital claims systems as the prospect of call-centre closures and no-access for loss adjusters looms with the Coronavirus spread.

Chief executive, Paul Stanley, said the insurance industry would need to have flexible IT claims systems, which are quickly configurable to new ways of operating. 

Stanley warns there is a distinct possibility of call centres being closed as companies take stringent measures to control the virus spread.

Elsewhere, the use of video streaming would be helpful on claims, such as in home, where loss adjusters may be prohibited from site visits.

Stanley said: “The insurance industry now has to consider the worst potential impacts of Covid-19 and we are gearing up to respond to cases where whole claims systems may become unusable as a result of office closures.

“Many disaster plans feature back up of existing systems to remote sites but, in the event that large numbers of staff can’t be co-located with those systems, companies will need an alternative with secure remote working capability, and this is our specialism. We have created and deployed online responses to CAT events within short time periods and are gearing up for more requests if the situation worsens.”

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