Programmes like George Clarke's Amazing Spaces are popular watching. Deservedly so. They show us how inspirational achievements are possible in the hands of determined visionaries who can take the 'ordinary' world and mould it into extraordinary shapes for living. We admire the vision and the determination that goes into the creation of elegant, minimal, ergonomic and mould-breaking creations.

Conversely, modern enterprise IT projects - for all the apparent digital razzmatazz and tech start-ups - are rarely amazing spaces for those who need the outcomes the projects aim to deliver.

No matter the vision of the board, the business and those with P&L responsibility, traditional IT always has the potential to be like the Planning Officer who refuses to sign off an obviously beneficial project unless irrelevant boxes are ticked. In the Insurance world particularly, IT is too often the hill that customer-centric ambitions die on. Mountainous development costs plus time and scope slips can force delivery well past the fulcrum of business necessity.  360Globalnet has been at the forefront of trying to bridge the gap between necessity and delivery using no-code architecture for businesses to get what they need when they need it.  Let's take a look at why no-code offers solutions to insurers that traditional IT - no matter how agile - often can't.

The crux is that delivery failure is not usually a failure of effort or will within IT departments but the project architecture that delivery is built on.  Coding is a wonderful thing but hard coding business requirements when the world is in flux carries dramatic risks. When iterative 'spec-develop-test-repeat' IT loops kick in, vision and ambition are often kicked out. Cohorts of eye-wateringly expensive developers using associated development/testing regimes can squash the life out of advances essential for offering what both businesses and their customers clearly need. Worse, when delivery does inevitably slip, the very digital enhancements that businesses thirst for may be de-scoped en route. In Amazing Spaces terms, this is a bit like bricking up the window that has the killer view to get the project finished on time and budget

In COVID times when consumer habits and expectations are changing faster than businesses can keep pace with, 360Globalnet has observed a double jeopardy via projects that are too slow in delivering what customers needed at the point when they were scoped... when in the meantime, those same customers have now changed so the two don't align anyway. 

The global shift towards no-code architecture and delivery is an indicator that traditional IT delivery methods are changing - and fast.  With no-code, development and testing is condensed into the creation of modular elements (including workflow, customer-facing processes and supply chain automation) that businesses can fit together certain in the knowledge that the resulting configurations will work in practice.  No-one needs to code, business practitioners can configure what they need and the 'business', rather than IT, can do the testing.  In Amazing Spaces terms, it's the equivalent of an owner-specced shepherd's hut being towed into a garden rather than the same owners trying to build it themselves!

The primary requirement with no-code architecture is imagination. Imagination that goes beyond previously IT-imposed constraints. If a business can imagine it, they can often build it: quickly, efficiently and inexpensively. What's more, the business gains the ability to update continuously in response to user or internal data. It can change journeys overnight in response to business needs or external events (including weather for personal lines). 

In an ideal world, business delivery would be an amazing space where the visionaries can grasp opportunity and react to change without betting the ranch.  With no-code, 360Globalnet has seen many businesses build themselves an alternative ranch at a fraction of the cost and time. That adds new meaning to amazing.

If you'd like to lean more about how you can create your own amazing IT space with 360Globalnet's no-code technology, then get in touch today.

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