In the world of digital claims management, technology stands as both a beacon of opportunity as well as a test of adaptability for insurers and MGAs. Whilst implementing technology is often essential for driving growth, the journey to digital transformation is paved with enough daunting challenges to turn businesses away from seizing the opportunities available to them.

At 360Globalnet, our implementation experts have been bridging this gap for years, collaborating with clients and delivering on time and within budget time and again. Here is what they learned.

1. Leadership NOT Engaged: Without the support and active involvement of leadership, technology implementations quickly lose direction, momentum and staff buy-in. It's essential that leaders are bought in, champion the cause, set the vision, and allocate resources effectively.

2. Poorly Defined Goals: Implementing technology without clear, well-defined objectives is akin to sailing without a destination. Defining what you want to achieve is the all-important first step towards a successful tech deployment.

3. Internal Resistance to Change: We're creatures of habit, aren't we? So, change can be met with resistance. That's an issue, and it requires effective change management strategies, communication, and a focus on the benefits that the new technology will bring to employees.

4. Missing Expertise on the Project Team: A strong project team is crucial, and it must encompass the necessary skills and knowledge to make informed decisions. If expertise is lacking, consider recruiting or training team members to bridge the gap.

5. Not Working Effectively As A Team: Collaboration is the cornerstone of success. Technology implementation is a team effort, and it's essential for all stakeholders to work together harmoniously, leveraging each other's strengths.

6. Failure To Improve Processes: Technology alone can't magically solve problems. The processes that underpin your business need to evolve to maximise the benefits of your tech investments. Continuously evaluate and adapt your processes.

7. Data Quality Issues: Garbage in, garbage out. Ensure data accuracy, consistency, and integrity, as erroneous or incomplete data can undermine the reliability of your systems and the decisions they support. This should be a separate workstream altogether that looks at the key outcomes you wish to measure and works back to drive certainty in the transformation that you can collect it, and it's accurate.

8. Inappropriate Technical Solutions: Choosing the wrong technology or overcomplicating your systems can lead to a host of issues. The right fit for your business is key, balancing your needs with available solutions.

While the path to implementing technology systems may be awash with challenges, addressing these 8 pain points head-on will pave the way for a smoother, more successful transformation. Remember, technology is a tool, and how you wield it can make all the difference.

At 360Globalnet, our completely configurable no-code digital claims software – coupled with our experienced implementation experts - is enabling our clients to reap the rewards of digital transformation with minimal disruption. Welcome to tailored solutions without the hassle. Welcome to 360Globalnet.

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