Keeping pace with the ever-growing digital expectations of claims teams and their customers, 360Globalnet has developed three key digital features for the latest version of its award winning ‘no code’ 360SiteView claims platform.

Virtual teams and digitised appointment functions have been turbocharged to provide insurers with enhanced services for all parties to a claim. The new functionality allows everyone - from centralised locations to field-based teams - to manage and orchestrate all parties to a claim to present one seamless process to customers.

Paul Stanley, CEO of 360Globalnet, said: “In the joined-up digital world we live in, customers similarly expect a seamless experience in the management of their claims, requiring everyone providing the service being linked together and their actions co-ordinated. 360SiteView now provides the necessary technology to manage and choreograph all the claim participants including supply-chain, repairers, replacement services etc. so the left arm always knows what the right is doing”

360SiteView is a completely self-configurable digital claims technology where business-users themselves design, build and implement any digital process at the desktop in plain English. From global carriers to small MGAs, 360SiteView is described by SMA* as a “Next Generation Platform”. Constant innovation is key to maintaining competitive advantage and Version 8, which all customers are upgraded to, maintains this technological leadership.

Key benefits of 360SiteView version 8 include:

  • Seamless digitisation of central and field operations;
  • Digital appointment setting;
  • Automated claims allocation; and
  • New Sketch and Banking steps.

Seamless Digitisation of Central and Field Operations

The orchestration of all parties from central location to remote and field-based teams is critical to improve efficiency and effectiveness. 360SiteView manages external workforces, including insurers’ teams and supply chain partners (e.g. insurers and auto repairers), from starting repairs through arranging car hire to delivering vehicle back to policyholders. This has a major positive impact on customer satisfaction.

Digitising Appointment Setting

360SiteView’s appointment scheduling is further improved with the business being able to configure and iterate new workflows and processes in plain English or other languages without the need for coding or developers.

The whole team from central locations to field workers can see and reschedule upcoming appointments combined with policy holders being able to book appointments online. This delivers higher customer and workforce satisfaction plus significantly reducing wasted time.

Automating Claims Allocation, Skills Profiling, Templates and Job Allocation

Major productivity and effectiveness improvements arise from auto-allocating jobs to teams and workers with the right skills profile. Version 8 applies a “Required Skills” filter to ensure a good fit of task and worker, and 360SiteView allows Agent/Sub-Contractor organisations to inherit profiles from the Parent organisation e.g. Fraud Agency staff can only load templates from a carrier’s fraud department if they have the right skills profile.

Team leaders can re-assign claims to deal with annual leave, absenteeism, surge and other unforeseen events.

Sketch Step

The devil is in the detail and field inspectors, surveyors and adjusters welcome this new visualisation tool. Digital measurements and photos often need context to offer full insights. 360SiteView’s new Sketch Step enables onsite staff to draw sketches and annotate photographs to better explain loss and damage and allow the claims team to execute better decisions

Bank Step

It would be a shame for claims settlement decisions to be faster, but payments to still lag! The new banking step ensures that policyholders can securely log bank payment details early in the claim so that cash payments can be initiated soonest.

Version 8 of 360SiteView maintains the iterative and major development steps that help carriers, reinsurers, brokers and MGAs anticipate disruption and transform their claims operations.

* “SMA”: Strategy Meets Action is a US consulting firm that works exclusively in the P&C market offering both retained services and project-based consulting services.

About 360Globalnet

360Globalnet is an international digital technology and services business focused on the worldwide insurance industry.

It provides digital online platform technology to revolutionise the insurance claims process, offering personal and business customers a highly responsive online experience.

The business is owned by its management and invested in by DXC Technology of the USA, and a number of seasoned insurance investors.

Formed in 2010 by entrepreneurs with a proven track record of developing transformational technologies, the products and services 360Globalnet offers today reflect the multi-million-pound investment in a strategic digital vision of insurance, envisioned at the outset.

A customer-driven approach, utilising mobile devices, enables businesses to ‘see every claim’ and anticipate every risk. Today, these technologies are used by some of the world’s leading insurance companies, providing a customer-driven service to match the best online retailers. 


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