Covid-19 and the necessity to work from home led six leading insurers to migrate from their current claims platforms to 360Globalnet’s  digital claims platform, 360SiteView, in the first weeks of lockdown.

Two of these were travel insurers for whom 360Globalnet built and deployed a travel claims portal in under 48 hours to ensure they could cope with the surge in claims.

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360SiteView is a no code, agile cloud-native digital claims management platform already deployed by leading insurers from Australia to the USA. Release 9 has been launched early specifically to make available certain important new features that are highly relevant to the current situation.

Claims teams need only a browser and IP connectivity to manage digitally the whole claim value chain from FNOL to Settlement - including choreographing the supply chain and brokers, MGAs and TPAs. Working from home is therefore fully supported.

The new release benefits include:

· Optimising prioritisation and allocation of claims tasks with higher granularity;
· Adding grandparent or grandchild orgs;
· Enhanced video image & metadata capture and analytics; and
· Brand management and differentiation.

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Prioritising and Allocating Key Tasks & Activities

360SiteView’s enhanced Profile Configuration means claims can be automatically directed to the right individuals and teams with greater granularity for improved effectiveness and faster claims management. The experience is significantly enhanced for Policy Holders, Call Centre Teams and Supply Chain Partners.

Grandparent and Grandchild Orgs capability

Adding Grandparent or Grandchild layers means Organisations can now have Sub-Organisations and Sub-Sub-Organisations. This means that suppliers can have their own agents or sub-contractors with their own customised workflows for more effective orchestration and communications. 360SiteView is uniquely able to allow insurers to orchestrate full seamless end to end digital processes linking the entire supply chain.

Enhanced Video Image & Metadata Analytics

Release 9 leverages Video and Live Streaming even better combining visual images and video metadata. Stored video, audio and photo evidence in a single digital record for every claim from self-service FNOL through claims management to settlement. A single, real-time version of the truth across the value chain. Real-time analytics and MI to achieve higher KPI goals.

This is a major aid to delivering sophisticated virtual visit experiences that are essential now face to face meetings are severely restricted by coronavirus.

Brand Management and Differentiation

Release 9 adds significantly to 360SiteView’s brand management capabilities by delivering differing experiences to the policy holders according to the brand. Brand teams can build customised workflows, question sets and responses for each brand and its customers. A generic template with conditional rules and branching means each brand team can optimise policyholder experience and journeys in their native language i.e. with no coding.

This makes it simple and fast to optimise diverse claims services and management from simple pet claims through GI lines to complex commercial claims.

360SiteView already offered a complete end-to-end solution and, with Release 9, leaps even further ahead of competitive offerings. And as always, every customer of 360Globalnet is upgraded to the latest release at no cost.

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About 360Globalnet

360Globalnet is an international digital technology and services business focused on the worldwide insurance industry.

It provides digital online platform technology to revolutionise the insurance claims process, offering personal and business customers a highly responsive online experience. The business is owned by its management and invested in by DXC Technology of the USA, and a number of seasoned insurance investors.

Formed in 2010 by entrepreneurs with a proven track record of developing transformational technologies, the products and services 360Globalnet offers today reflect the multi-million-pound investment in a strategic digital vision of insurance, envisioned at the outset.

A customer-driven approach, utilising mobile devices, enables businesses to ‘see every claim’ and anticipate every risk. Today, these technologies are used by some of the world’s leading insurance companies, providing a customer-driven service to match the best online retailers.

360Globalnet Contacts
Paul Stanley CEO +44 7710 831184
Simon Yun-Farmbrough Executive Chairman +44 7711 015196

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