A must watch: Evermore Digital’s interview of Jonathan Davey, HUGHUB CEO. Hosted by Ed Halsey, Jonathan is presented with five killer questions in a bid to convince insurers, MGA and brokers to treat policyholders as customers, with hyper-personalised and customer centric experiences.

Introducing HUGHUBs technology to Evermore Digital’s audience, Jonathon gave 360Globalnet a couple of special mentions. The first at 6:20, where Jon went onto say that he’s partnered with what he thinks is “the best claims proposition on the market, and that’s 360Globalnet”. Not only that, at 13:15 he goes on to say that his favourite other Insurtech is “360Globalnet”, with their “great people, fabulous product, great technologists – love them to bits!”.

You can watch the video here

More about HUGHUB:
HUGHUB now provides a revolutionary new insurance business software platform for insurance retailers to present a full range of protection products, providing a whole host of benefits to both insurance retailers and their customers.

Our goal was to create true customer engagement within financial services and to encourage customer loyalty, unlocking the real value of fully protecting the consumer and their family. The solution was to place the consumer at the heart of our clients’ business, treating them as an individual rather than a policy number. As new insurance software providers, we needed to have a true service-ethos to fully exploit the potential offered by new technology and make intelligent use of data. Through a combination of the best practices from our wealth of experience within the financial services sector, we created a best-in-class experience for our clients to help build loyalty and drive ambassadorial behaviour.

And Evermore Digital:
You may be a broker, an MGA and insurer or even a vendor. I've sat at all four sides of the insurance desk and faced the same challenges you see today. Customers want problems solved, not further complicated. I've always wanted to be the kind of consultant that makes problems disappear. To give you the support you deserve, I refuse pigeonhole "what I do" into something that limits my ability to help you. If I can, to a standard I know will delight you, I will.